Light Tackle Fishing

Light tackle fishing is a completely different method of sea fishing compared to the style of fishing you’ll often see when anglers are targeting big-game offshore fish such as sailfish swordfish or marlin.

Hold on tight - We're going fishing !
Hold on tight – We’re going fishing !

The fishing boats tend to be smaller, lighter and faster than your normal offshore boat, with two or at the most three anglers able to fish at the same time.
On a light tackle boat there are no fighting chairs, it’s just you against the fish. The complete tackle set-up is much lighter than traditional offshore tackle, rods designed for 20lb line and reels no bigger than those used for most freshwater fishing.

Jack Crevalle
This Jack Crevalle was taken using 50lb braid and a 20lb fluorocarbon leader

This is the very best, most exciting way of fishing for lots of the fish that are found within a few miles of land including sailfish, permit, tarpon, grouper, sharks of all shapes and sizes, jacks of all types together with lots of the “table fish” such as dorado and snapper.


There can’t be anything better than drifting along gently with the wind, with a lively herring impaled on your hook and suddenly feeling your bait get agitated as a marauding sailfish, tuna or dolphin fish gets close. You hold your breath as the big fish takes the bait….wait….wait…wait…now strike !!.

dolphin fish
A dolphin fish, otherwise known as dorado and mahi-mahi. Great fighters, delicious eating and the fastest growing fish in the ocean

It might be 30 minutes before you even see what’s on your hook, but eventually your prized fish is beside the boat, pictures are taken, and the fish is carefully unhooked, ready to return to the ocean and fight another day.

I’ve left the best till last, the magnificent tarpon, otherwise known as the silver king. This incredibly hard fighting fish will often spend as much time in the air as under the water, they can easily jump 6ft into the air. Typically when a fish takes a mouthful of air, you know that you are winning the fight, that’s not so with the tarpon, when he takes a mouthful of air it givesĀ  him another lease of life and he’ll charge off heading once more for the horizon.

Leaping Tarpon
An awesome picture of a tarpon in mid-leap. You’ll take a lot of tarpon pictures before you get one as perfect as this

Catching BIG saltwater fish on light fishing tackle