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Light Tackle Fishing in Key West

Take a tropical paradise then add some perfectly equipped boats complete with knowledgeable, hard working skippers, add the biggest variety of fishing to be found anywhere and what do you have ? - Fishing in Key West. This site offers information and booking details of the light tackle charter boats that operate out of the Key West City Marina. Click here for a map of exactly where most of the light tackle boats are situated.

Let's explain what we mean by "light tackle fishing". It's proper fishing, you against the fish. No fighting chairs or full harnesses, it's up to you to hook and play the fish. It's a totally opposite way of fishing compared to fishing from the bigger boats that motor around all day searching for fish from 20 ft tall towers where once a fish is hooked the mate passes the rod to one of the anglers for them to reel the fish in. Light tackle is real "seat of the pants" fishing which should appeal to anybody, be they a lifetime fisherman or someone just out for a day of fun and excitement on the ocean. All of the fishing tackle is supplied by the skipper and it's all top quality stuff, they would never forgive themselves if you were to lose the fish of a lifetime because of equipment failure. The boats are regularly inspected and they all have public liability insurance should anything go wrong.

On the following pages you'll find details of the boats and skippers, a calendar to show what species might be caught in Key West at any particular time of the year, tarpon fishing in Key West Harbor, wreck fishing, reef fishing and offshore fishing plus pages on some of our favorite species such as sailfish, tarpon, sharks, grouper, snapper and kingfish.