Fishing in the UK

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my trips to Key West but I’m getting older, my joints are creaking and cracking and to be honest I don’t think I’d have the strength to fight a giant Tarpon or Grouper these days.

Fishing for Carp has become a very popular branch of the sport here in the UK, both for those anglers trying to catch a monster and also  for competition fishermen. Many lakes have been built just to satisfy the demand for carp fishing.

The Glorious Glebe

Having lived in and around London for most of my life I have now moved some 100 miles north, near to the city of Leicester and just a couple of miles from my all-time favourite freshwater fishery, the Glebe Fishery. Containing 8 lakes, this fishery is a favourite of many UK match anglers and the waters are host to a number of important fishing competitions each year.

Living so close to the fishery and fishing the lakes several times a week I’m often asked what baits are working, what fish are being caught etc etc, so I’ve started writing a blog,,¬† that has up to date information about the fishing, together with some hints and tips on methods to try and what baits to bring when visiting this amazing fishery.

Whilst I was browsing around Amazon the other day I came across a so-called “fishing kit” supposedly for youngsters and beginners. It was awful, it even contained lead shot which have been illegal here in the UK for at least the last 20 years. I determined that I could put together a much better fishing kit than anything on Amazon, so I’ve also started building my site that features fishing tackle for beginners. It’s a work in progress, there’s lots more to be added but it does have a few decent, suitable kits suitable for beginners and youngsters.